Nominate The Actual Star for the Hugo and Nebula Awards!

Hello friends. Nominations are now open for the Hugo and Nebula Awards, the two biggest honors in science fiction. If you’re eligible to nominate for either award–which means being or becoming a member of WorldCon (in the case of the Hugos) or a member of SFWA (in the case of the Nebulas)–

I’d be honored if you considered nominating The Actual Star for Best Novel.

If you can’t nominate for either, no worries! Just spreading the word–especially to your science-fiction-reading friends–helps enormously. Feel free to pass on my homemade “highlight reel”tweeted hereInstagrammed here, and embedded here:


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4 Comments on “Nominate The Actual Star for the Hugo and Nebula Awards!”

  1. Thomas Maufer says:

    I can’t do more than enjoy my copy of your audio book.

    Best of luck! ~tom

  2. Keith Milton says:

    Hi Monica,
    Congratulations on “The Actual Star”, a really immersive and thought-provoking work. It definitely deserves a nomination ! It made me want to re-read (again) “Wandering God – A Study in Nomadic Spirituality” by Morris Berman (SUNY). And then I will want to re-read “The Actual Star” ! Many thanks and best wishes,

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