The end of a truly shitty year.

Hi friends. Wonder where I’ve been?

Well, in February, the shit hit the fan in my life and stayed that way for a long time. First, because I got wind that a story I’d contributed to (#metoo⁠ ⁠in theatre) had been killed by the publication that commissioned it. Which really pissed me off. So I spent a solid month—totally alone, at first—lobbying theaters to put pressure on the publication. Others joined in the effort. It worked. The initiative resulted in the publication devoting an entire issue to #metoo⁠ ⁠stories. I’m really glad we did it and I’m glad they did the right thing. But also, it’d look bad to fundraise for myself at the same time as I was organizing. So that was March and April, gone.

Then Junot Díaz’s history of abusive behavior finally came to light. I’d been waiting for it for years. So it was constant organizing behind the scenes, counseling and connecting survivors, talking to media. The efforts are still ongoing, but that was May and June, gone.

Then my father died. That was July. Then my aunt died. That was August.

I spent September finishing the novel that should have been done in May, and wasn’t because of everything above.

Then my sister-in-law’s mother died. That was September’s end. Then I had to drive all over the northeast to collect my father’s and aunt’s things. That was October. Then my uncle, my Dad’s only sibling, died at October’s end.

It’s been a shitty year.

And even though I very much needed to fundraise the whole time, it would have been gauche to fundraise during #metoo⁠ ⁠efforts, and energetically impossible to fundraise during grieving.


I’m finally ready. I have all new tiers. I have (literally) a roomful of welcome perks. I have a sexy new video. I have twenty-one reasons. I’m really excited to grow my community and if you’re not part of it already, I want you to be.

Become a member. Let’s look to the future.

Thanks ❤️


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2 Comments on “The end of a truly shitty year.”

  1. That is one hell of a year to process. Getting through it truly speaks to your strength.

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