TEXAS! I am coming for you!

Dear everyone in Texas or near it: next Friday, I’m giving a talk at Texas A&M University called “Instructions for the Age of Emergency.” It’ll be about our current moment in history, how radically things are about to change, and how to change with it, instead of resist it–all from a science fiction perspective. Houston and Austin, I know it’s a lil bit of a drive, but UHHHH COME ANYWAY? I would love to see you (and in some cases, meet you for the first time!).

(Also, patrons will get the talk very soon after I give it, if not the same day….! ;))


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3 Comments on “TEXAS! I am coming for you!”

  1. Babar K says:

    Hope you are having a good time in TX. Me in Tehran, not so good with air pollution. I’m trying to work from home as much as I can, and might go out when we have a little wind blowing dust and CO, CO2 away from the city …😷

    You be safe 👋🏽 😉 B.

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  2. Julie E. Byrne says:

    This looks great, MCB! I hope you’re feeling good and ready and excited.

    Re: your FB post, I am praying. I probably don’t understand everything you want me to, but I am really sorry to have contributed to pain. Certainly didn’t intend and don’t want that :-(.


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