monica byrne

Please do not ask me to work for free.

“Can you give me feedback on…”
“Can you give me an overview of…”
“Can you take a look at…”
“Can I pick your brain about…”
“Can you give me tips on how to…”
“Can you just write a quick…”

Please be clear: if you’re starting a message to me like this, chances are, you’re asking me for professional work. In the last week, I’ve gotten seven such messages. That’s typical.

I would love to be in a financial position to do some work pro bono. I am not, and so cannot.

My consulting rate is a sliding scale of $60-120 per hour. My writing rate is $2/word. If you want to hire me, you send an email to, with the kind of consultation or writing you’re looking for; I’ll get back to you as soon as I can on whether and when I can take the job, and then work together with you on a contract specifying scope of work and payment. I require 50% of the full payment up front.

A cheaper option: I specifically designed the $3/month tier on my Patreon for working artists who can’t pay a one-on-one consultation rate. Patrons can ask me anything they like, and I answer via social media. They also get Process Diaries, or essays about creative work, that I don’t publish anywhere else.

A free option: over the last six years, I’ve written extensively about the creative and business aspects of writing all over the Internet, mostly on my blog. It takes a quick Google search to find them.

The exceptions are: if I’ve offered to help of my own accord; if we’ve arranged a barter or work exchange; or if you’re asking for a blurb, testimonial, or letter of recommendation.

Thank you.


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