I am now a cyborg. Allow me to explain.

A couple of months ago, because of my TED Talk, I was asked to host a documentary series for VICE UK about the future. I said yes. (In fact I might have said “hell to the fucking yes.”) My patrons have known about this since it happened, and have been getting behind-the-scenes updates and photos all the while—if you want to get these updates in the future, sign up here!—but I’m writing about it publicly on the blog now because the first installment in the series just came out today and it is SO. FUCKING. GOOD.

Seriously. Can I gush a second? The director Sam Goldwater and producer Louis Bamber and cameraman Edward Vijayavargya were such a dream team. They produced such a beautiful film. And they were such a delight to work with, from dawn to midnight. I couldn’t have been more lucky to land with them. A second installment, set in Skye and Cambridge, is coming out next; we head to Japan to film the third segment next month.

“Wait,” you say, “what about the cyborg thing?” YES, thank you for reminding me. I am INDEED a cyborg. If you watch the whole segment (about ten minutes long), you come upon the part where I get a tiny magnet implanted into my finger. For the record, Vice didn’t pressure me to do this—they just asked if I’d be interested, and after thinking about it, and considering the fact that my next novel deals with the practice of bloodletting and I am nothing if not a Method Writer™, I said yes.

I got it without anesthesia, which biohackers call “going raw.” It did hurt. Exquisitely so.

But now I can sense electromagnetic fields. 😉



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3 Comments on “I am now a cyborg. Allow me to explain.”

  1. Bill Sterner says:

    Bravo, Monica. Really impressive. Bill Sterner

  2. Sableshade says:

    Remember to use your electromagnetic sensing powers for good. Also, beware of other magnets. You don’t want to stick to objects too strong for your own magnet.

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