Something amazing happened. I asked my patrons to help me with a pledge drive so that I can get to $3,012, which means I can finish my novel The Actual Star (partly set in 3012) without constantly having to worry about finding extra work to pay rent. And NINE of my patrons stepped forward to offer to match all new pledges to anti-fascist nonprofits that need our help right now. NINE! That means that any new pledges will be multiplied by nine and then donated to ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and The Octavia Project, a science fiction writing camp for young women of color. But only for the next ten days!

I started the drive this morning and already raised $83 in new pledges, which means $747 in donations. We only have $654 to go before I reach my goal of $3,012—which means $7,000+ for these charities. If you’ve ever ever ever wanted to join my Patreon, now is the perfect time. Go here. Pledge at $1. Pledge at $100. There are abundant rewards for all tiers, on top of your pledge getting multiplied times nine. Head HERE! And if you have any questions, ask them below!


If you liked this post, please consider supporting my work on Patreon for as little as $1/month. My work is entirely funded by patrons like you. Thank you.


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2 Comments on “$3,012.”

  1. Julie E. Byrne says:

    Go Monie Love!!!!

  2. Jackie Geer says:

    Just did a onetime donation. Hope that helps. Love you. Jackie

    Sent from my iPad


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