My pledge.


I’m thinking a lot about protest as a genre of art.

I kept wanting to do big sweeping gestures, like sit in the street in front of motorcades. (And yet may.) But then I was thinking about morning pages. I write at least a page, no matter how I’m feeling or where I am. Each entry is small, but added up, it’s the foundation and engine of my entire practice.

So I thought I could do a similar thing with protest: to just begin by writing down, every day, “I do not consent to this presidency,” and then posting it on Instagram and Twitter. (I use the word “consent” quite deliberately.) And I pledge that this will be my daily practice until he is not elected to office nor in office. I understand that may be years. But it’s the least I can do. It’s the least I NEED to do, to go forward, and I’m hoping that it will add up in some way I can’t yet see.

Anyone who wants to join, feel free, but no need. I hope all of us keep thinking about how to respond in our own ways.

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2 Comments on “My pledge.”

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