LAST DAY to get 20% off and free shipping on illuminated letter prints!

TUSRET.COM. Discount code: “arbol.” Go get ’em!

But also, someone asked me: “Why are your art prints so expensive?” (I.e., $99 regular, $79 discounted.) GOOD QUESTION, and I’d wonder the same in your place. Here’s the quick answer: because I print them using the highest-quality process money can buy, all but indistinguishable from the original, made by hand at the family-owned Arete Frame Gallery in Durham. It costs me $40 to make, package, and ship each print (and it costs me much more for framed prints). Each of the letters took hours of work using the best art supplies available (Strathmore paper and Copic markers, which go for $350 a box). So? That’s why they’re expensive. In other words, in fine art terms, they’re actually…not that expensive 🙂

Again, I wouldn’t have known that either before I got into the business end of things, but there’s the answer. And now: IT IS THE LAST LAST LAST DAY TO GET 20% OFF AND FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ILLUMINATED LETTER PRINTS! They will make the PERFECT, unique, lovely holiday gift! Go to and use the discount code “arbol” at checkout. And thanks. ❤


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2 Comments on “LAST DAY to get 20% off and free shipping on illuminated letter prints!”

  1. kirizar says:

    Have you considered turning these into a CreateSpace children’s Alphabet book? Or a coloring book for adults? The artwork is just lovely.

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