SALE. Of my ART. 20% off and FREE SHIPPING.


Go to and apply the code “arbol” at checkout. You’ll get 20% off all of my illuminated letter prints—framed OR unframed—plus free shipping, only for the next four days. I’m biased, maybe, but they pretty much make the PERFECT GIFT. And it’s not just hustling for the sake of hustling—I’m trying to raise money to finish my novel in the new year, which is, among other things, an answer to the awfulness of the election. So, purchase for a purpose!

Here is how they look framed, too:


Go get ’em!, checkout code “arbol.”


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3 Comments on “SALE. Of my ART. 20% off and FREE SHIPPING.”

  1. So freaking gorgeous! I have zero money and probably can’t even do presents for my family this year. But if I had the money I would be getting some of these for my (nine) siblings! I love them.

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