In praise of freebleeding.


Photo source: The Independent.

When I read about badass businesswoman-artist-musician Kiran Gandhi running the London Marathon without a tampon, I was like, “Oh! You can do that?”

And ever since, during my period, I just sit on dark towels, and it is the loveliest thing.

I find that it “works” even though I’m a really heavy bleeder. That most of the blood just comes out when I go to the bathroom anyway. That I really dig not having to stick anything up inside myself, especially when they’re expensive (tampons) or give me yeast infections (Divacup). I just get to let my body work the way it’s designed to work.

Granted, I’m at home most of the time, so it’s not like I’m risking a lot of social stigma here. And I do still wear a tampon when I go to the gym. But when the entirety of the “feminine supplies” industry is built on the assumption that there’s something inherently wrong with our bodies, I notice that freebleeding is just another, tiny, deeply satisfying way to say, “No there’s not.”



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3 Comments on “In praise of freebleeding.”

  1. Jackie Geer says:

    Monica, Excellent book, The Red Tent, where women were isolated in the tent during their menstruating, your post made me think of this book, of the comradery that the women shared. It is a great read. Hope you are doing great, Jackie Sent from my iPad


  2. Jaki says:

    Gurl, get Thinx! Emailing you a discount now ❤

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