Please watch.

I’m 33% of the way toward being fully funded—an artist who earns her living wage from individuals who value her work, and not from corporations and institutions that serve the status quo. I ask you, if you’ve ever benefitted from anything you’ve read on this blog in the last eight years—

(the anti-résumé, posts on self-care in social mediagender in theatre, data in theatrediversity in literaturemy travels in Iranhow to travel to Irannon-monogamy, finding an agentparental death, mansplaining, romantic love, living in Belizecreative controlchildlessness, work ethic, day jobs for artistsbody imagebranding while female, self-cuttingharassment, sexual harassment, how to get published, learning a new languagedepressionwhat it’s like to be at TEDdiscrimination in pop culture criticism, griefwriting practice, trans students at all-women collegesliving wage, self-doubtnew economic models, process porn, or hey, if you just came for the dresses!)


In just under three minutes, it says everything I ever want to say about how economic models for artists are broken, how to fix them, my place in that equation, and YOUR place in that equation. Please watch. Please share. Please Patreon. I love this blog so much, but I can’t continue to write it unless I start making a living wage for my work. And then—I promise!—I will get back to blogging about things that aren’t Patreon 😉  Thank you.


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3 Comments on “Please watch.”

  1. jamjarhead says:

    You are a gem, Monica. People, if you are not giving money to this phenomenal talent, do it. Do it now. Buy three less Starbuck’s coffees a year and support the beauty she creates. It’s not enough but it’s a start.

  2. Kit Bradley says:

    I am so incredibly glad that you said this. I find it intensely difficult to talk to other writers about the systematic corruption in all art, but especially writing, and I almost cried when watching this because someone else was saying the same things that I’ve said, and felt, for so long.

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