In praise of lovers.


Reza Abbasi, Two Lovers (1630).


Today, I give thanks for my lovers.

For five years I’ve been trying to build another way of loving and being loved in the world–one in direct obedience to my heart, and in answer to norms that, while rightly treasured by so many (including my parents), had caused me incredible damage over the years. But since then, I’ve been so lucky to have such gentle, honest, kind, brilliant, talented, patient, generous, beautiful lovers. They’re my teachers and travel companions. They’re my embodiment of the divine. They’re my friends.

The most important thing I’ve learned is this: there is nothing like one pair of lovers. There never was and there never will be again. A single communion is inalienably unique. Once I understood that, I got calm.

5 Comments on “In praise of lovers.”

  1. jamjarhead says:

    This was a timely comment for me, Monica. I thank you.

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  3. Gaurav_Pal says:

    Your concept of nothing like one pair of lovers is quite rare and this topic should be more explored.

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