The month of cold sweat.


This photo is of a sunset in Durham two nights ago. A kiss from the sun to apologize for the cold. I’ve always thought of this time of year as the Corridor of Cold Sweats: it warms up just a little, enough for you to take off your coat and get a shine, and then it congeals and freezes on your skin.

I’ve been rehearsing my upcoming TED talk. I’ve been working hard on my Patreon. I’ve been sending my patrons little gifts. (Haven’t joined yet? GOOD GOD, JOIN NOW. $1 per story. It’s the future of art. I explain here.)

Relatedly: I’ve been figuring out how to keep living as an artist. That means setting up multiple sustainable revenue streams and not depending on book advances (or royalties). The great irony is that I’m about to head to TED, all expenses paid as a speaker; meanwhile, I’m in debt and making minimum payments on all my cards until more money comes in. It’ll add up—income from Patreon, income from illuminated letter prints, and the sale of the next novel, which I’m revising for submission as soon as I get back from TED.

Until then, it’s a funny kind of time.

But it’ll be okay. Money comes and goes—as long as I’m safe, healthy, and get to keep making art, I’m good.

I trust the universe a lot these days.


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8 Comments on “The month of cold sweat.”

  1. jamjarhead says:

    Trust comes and goes too but money will hardly be your problem for long. Can’t wait for TED.

  2. Best of luck on the TED talk. That can only lead to good things going forward.

  3. says:

    Sorry to be using your blog post to get info about becoming a patron.  I tried on Patreon but first it would not let me sign up (“your email may be taken”! Huh?  It’s my email.)

    So then I thought maybe because I am an email subscriber to your blog that my email was somehow already in the Patreon system.  So I did a forgot your password thing.  Then I got an “invalid email address” error message.  Another “huh?”

    Anyway.  Monica. I have money to become a patron, what do you suggest that I do? Their FAQs were no help. Thank you in advance.

  4. Laura Pt says:

    Can’t wait for TED! xD ❤

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  6. the scribbling writer says:

    Best of luck with TED talk! sending good vibes your way!

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