Wait, what dafuq is Patreon?


Dear everyone who’s watched the video: THANK YOU for the incredible response! It’s fly as hell, right? But I realize I didn’t do a great job explaining what Patreon IS: Patreon provides a platform to subscribe to an artist on a sliding scale. You SUBSCRIBE to an artist just like you SUBSCRIBE to a magazine. So it’s not like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, which are goal-focused; Patreon is sustainability-focused. And sustainability is THE number-one challenge in making a career as an artist.

Almost three thousand people subscribe to this blog. Have you read The Girl in the Road? Liked it? (These critics did.) Okay, I do some CRAZY SHIT in my short fiction, arguably crazier than anything in the novel. Fighter pilots falling through the Earth’s crust and secretaries with candy fetishes and nuns dipping the Eucharist in strawberry sauce and “border parties” as a new form of protest and new physics to describe the dream world and a djinn porno shoot in the Iranian desert and children made of lava. And those are just the stories that are coming out this year.

I’m trying to make this art form an art form I can afford to make. Keep in mind that most stories take weeks to draft, refine, edit, polish. Right now I’ve set that goal at $1000 per story–and we’re well on our way at $677 per story. But without more subscriptions, I can’t afford to make it. Please watch the video and subscribe here. Thank you.


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3 Comments on “Wait, what dafuq is Patreon?”

  1. jdoublep says:

    damn! fantastic production on yer video.

  2. […] Wait, what dafuq is Patreon? → […]

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