Literature is a form of activism. So is how literature gets made.

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THE PATREON LAUNCH IS HERE! Click click clickety click click! And then contribute! Go watch the video! It’s slick as fuck! Read the FAQ for all the details! You get lots of wonderful rewards, including every short story I publish in your preferred reading format, PLUS handwritten and handmade postcards from around the world, OR your pick of my illuminated alphabet series. Pledge levels start at TWENTY-FIVE CENTS, PEOPLE.

But this Patreon isn’t just about me. It’s an economic solution for an entire art form. As I explain in the video, currently, even successful writers quit the short story game because there’s so little payoff for so much work—even though nothing is guaranteed in any creative field, it’s especially true in short fiction. That’s no one’s fault. It’s just the way that market is built right now. But it means that many writers quit writing altogether, because novels are such a comparably massive investment of time; and those short story writers who do stick it out tend to go through Amazon, because writers can make more money there than they can with indie mags.

So? Put power directly into the hands of readers, who pay the writer for the story directly. That relieves the indie publishers of bearing that financial burden. Meanwhile, those readers get introduced to an indie publisher they might not have heard about before. Everyone wins.

IN GENERAL: Cut out the middlepeople. Support artists directly, whether it’s me or someone else. But if you want it to be me, proceed directly here, my love.


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3 Comments on “Literature is a form of activism. So is how literature gets made.”

  1. the scribbling writer says:

    So well put! I really enjoy your writing! Good stuff.

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