Subliminal Shia Labeouf.


You’re not going to believe this, but my friend Saleem (also known as KidEthnic) has analyzed my Patreon video and found a subliminal message from Shia Labeouf. See here.

You guys. It’s been just three days, and we’ve raised $300 per column. This is more than half of the goal of $550 per column that Wired would have paid. This is amazing. I’m going to go hard fundraising this week to make the full goal, because honestly I want to JUST GET SETTLED IN ALREADY to write about all the things and people and ideas I want to write about. Like, even in the short time the campaign’s been up, ridiculous shit’s gone down, like Nancy Kress saying “geez why we gotta talk about race all the time” at the Nebula Awards while white cops brutalize innocent black teenagers in McKinney.

NONE OF WHICH is unrelated to pop culture. As Aamer Rahman says, pop culture is “the normalization of fantasy.”

So. Work to do. Let’s divert the mainstream.


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