Radical empathy.


After winning the Tiptree Award, I had an awesome long talk on the phone with journalist Lydia Kiesling about radical empathy and other matters, which turned into a profile in The Guardian. I me so tickle. Go check it out!


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One Comment on “Radical empathy.”

  1. psychanaut says:

    I discovered you through that Guardian article. Your book sounds like an interesting premise, so I’ve ordered it, especially since so little sci-fi/speculative fiction seems to take the full world into consideration–(did you see Interstellar? I think it’s absurd that a movie that is purportedly about universal concepts uses prototypical good old-American archetypes as characters without nary a mention of the rest of the world), but I guess more than that you struck me as a kindred spirit–I’m also about the same age, have a scientific background from a similar place as MIT (B.S. Mathematical Biology, Harvey Mudd College), but have also broken pretty far from that and trying to concentrate on my artistic passions. I’ve also written a lot, but for me more music now (and martial arts/aikido, but that doesn’t express to the public in the same way). Here’s some of my music, ok if you don’t like it or if its too weird for your tastes: https://soundcloud.com/chaosnick/tracks

    Strangely enough, I saw Kiran Ahluwalia play here in Berkeley about 10 years ago towards the beginning of her musical career. Good show, if I recall, although I tend towards more straight classical Indian music rather than fusions.


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