GITR Paperback Cover

Friends: Paperback Release Day is HERE.

Buy the book here. If Amazon isn’t your thing, there are more options here. Or just go to your nearest bookstore and look for New in Paperback. It’ll be there.

This week is a media blitz. For starters, here’s this interview with Jeff VanderMeer in Electric Literature, in which I swear a lot. And though we had to cancel the release party at Letters Bookshop, we’ve rescheduled it for a mere two days later, Thursday 2/19, 7pm, and it will INCLUDE: Mardi Gras beads, Krispy Kreme, Prom dresses, wine, reading, singing, signing, and arm-wrestling.

Coming attractions, to be posted on this blog as they come, are as follows:

A podcast with Justin Landon and Ferrett Steinmetz on

A playlist to accompany the novel on Largehearted Boy.

A podcast with Mahvesh Murad on

A short story forthcoming in The Baffler.

An article forthcoming in Wired. 

A very exciting announcement.

Watch this space, amigas.


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  1. sosparkly says:

    Congratulations on your new book! Good luck with your launch!

  2. This book cover is just so excellent. I love it every time I see it!

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