Termination ritual.


I get why the Maya did termination rituals. Somehow it feels very wrong to dispose of an object, especially a beloved object or an object much-used, without some kind of ceremonial release.

I’ve become very attached to my Christmas tree. She’s my first one. Christmas has been really hard for the last several years, and this year was the first time I tried to be proactive in changing that. I was in thrall of her beauty when I first brought her home, and I will admit to you that for many nights, I would say good night to her, and leave the lights on so that I’d turn in my sleep and half-dream the glow from the other room, a constellation of colored stars.

Today I’ll take her down, and feel sad, even as I feel silly. Even as I know I can’t feel any other way.


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3 Comments on “Termination ritual.”

  1. My children insist that I take down the tree while they are at school. And they are ten and eleven. Not silly.

  2. Crystal says:

    Beautifully put, Monica. I feel the same wistfulness about the Christmas season, and I mourn the taking down of the Christmas tree.

  3. I’m a hoarder by nature and find it really hard to get rid of things that have the slightest hint of sentimental value. I’ve taken to giving them a hug (and sometimes a kiss) and saying goodbye before I let them go. It really does help.

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