Life in the chrysalis.


Photo: at home. New flatscreen TV with keffiyeh. Christmas tree in the living room.


I’m turning into someone else. I’m not sure who, yet. I just have to let it happen.

I thought I was good at saying no before, but now, wow. I say no six times before breakfast. I leave the house to buy groceries, work out, see my family, and that’s about it.

Part of it is necessary immersion in the new novel. In many ways, I’m not really “here.” I’m in the Maya lowlands, post-collapse, eleventh century.

Part of it is that my apartment is so warm, and I hate the cold, especially when my body still remembers the liquid gold sun of Palawan.

Part of it is that I might want my life to be different. Here is how: I want to buy an old house in Durham, big enough to host a rehearsal and performance space, set my artist friends up in it so that they only have to pay utilities, and then…take off.

Like, semi-permanently.

If there’s anything the last trip taught me, it’s that the world is just too big for me to stay in one place.

Do I have the money to do this? No, not at present. But it’s what I want and now I’ve said it aloud. So may the universe conspire in my favor.


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4 Comments on “Life in the chrysalis.”

  1. jamjarhead says:

    i like the way you wish 

  2. sharmaji756 says:

    It seems from writings that the blogger has delved deep into the work i.e. writing. His expression is the reflection of dedication towards work and her affinity for writing. How much she is involved in this is evident from the line where she aspires and wishes for lifestyles and culture of that era. An epitome of dedication. Good work! I pray almighty to shower success and blessing on you.

  3. Did you ever know the purple house on Franklin street close to campus? A bunch of us (D
    ancers, Actors, Writers) wanted to be able to buy that and live together and knock out walls for rehearsal and class space so the whole work could happen like Bergman’s Island. It is an excellent dream. Feed it every day!

  4. Aaaaaw…This is me right now.I turned a year older yesterday and just today,am feeling like a new person…The sudden urge to travel,but do I have the money now?No.And am wishing the world to conspire in my favour too…meamwhile,am travelling the world through books.Wonderful piece right there

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