My favorite New Year’s Resolution ever.


Photo: from Frock Star, my short-lived dress blog from 2007. 


A few weeks ago, I gutted my wardrobe. Threadbare? OUT. Couldn’t remember when I last wore it? OUT. Gorgeous fabric but makes my boobs look weird? OUT. NO MERCY. HEART OF ICE.

And yet, after the trash bags have been dropped at the thrift store, I still have the ostrich feather fascinator from my aunt. The traditional Amharic dress from Ethiopia. My purple high school prom gown. I made a pact with myself: if I keep it, I have to wear it in the new year, in public, at least once. This is my favorite New Years resolution I’ve ever made because it’s really fucking fun. And will require a good deal of creativity, in some instances.

So this is just a heads up to Durham that I might be dressing strangely in the coming year. If I show up at Cocoa Cinnamon wearing an olive sari and combat boots, you’ll know why.


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8 Comments on “My favorite New Year’s Resolution ever.”

  1. inertialconfinement says:

    That IS a fun resolution!

  2. Crritic says:

    Could be time to resurrect Frock Star! I wanna see random pics of you out shopping in your prom gown, or wearing the fascinator at a cafe. 😀 Are they swimming goggles? (Did you bust your glasses?!) (Seinfeld moment?)

  3. nicolequenelle says:

    Love it. Please post photos. Purple prom dress, ‘specially.

  4. mightyatom44 says:

    Hey! Could it have been worse? lol

  5. […] year, I made a New Years Resolution to wear all of my dresses in public at least once and document them, or I had to get rid of them. […]

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