It was very cold when I came back from Belize to my apartment in Durham. I fished out a pair of merino wool socks to put on, but as I unraveled them, there was a susurrus all around me. They were the same socks I’d worn on the cave expedition. They hadn’t been shaken out. So now the sands of Xibalba were covering my diary, my desk, and my floor.

I left them there.

When I come back to the States, I have to reinstall my old operating system. That includes all the programs on humor, ethics, social interaction, and relationship management. And all the individual files on individual people: who just had a baby, who got a new job, who is struggling, and why.

I’m not quite back yet. Mostly, but not all.

Maybe spring will thaw me out.



3 Comments on “Reboot.”

  1. cathiekl says:

    Belize year round is awesome. Perhaps ….. Someday…..

    I love it here!

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  2. Julie E. Byrne says:

    I love your posts, MCB.

    Random: Glen & I started watching GOT and no go, becaaaaauuuse Glen was ruined by the books. He liked the books better and is not feeling the series. I do avow the violence level was nice and high, lol, but still not grabby enough to watch it on my own.

    However!, we are continuing to enjoy BSG together. Two episodes at a time, sometimes til 3am! So bad; so good.

    Bless for reboot and love, Beeb!


    • Oh nooooooo! Oh but you get so drawn in! Oh but….but…but…


      Well, sometimes it’s just not a match. Same with me and The Wire. All fevered avowals to the contrary.

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