Photo credit: M3-Productions.


I am editing The Girl in the Road for final publication. As always, when I’m deep into a project, everything reminds me of it. I’ve been taking notes on my (new!) iPhone, which is (sadly) replacing my Moleskine. Here is a sample of notes I’ve taken in the past few days.


Sleeping can be really difficult.

Out of boredom she calls the NOAA buoy before masturbating.

Meena must have a sea anchor.

There is no occasion to enjoy beauty when there are so many miles to be walked.  

Phases of anger at oneself.

Flying fish is like a swarm of bees or a flock of birds at high velocity.

Saltwater sores.

Birds as messengers. Talk to them.   

One Comment on “Fragments.”

  1. eightdecades says:

    And there is a rainbow in the photo, so very faint but there. Perhaps your Moleskine replaced some other even more primitive tablet. Karma! So, I don’t think your I-phone is sad about replacing it, but you are sad that it is.
    Seriously though, I find the tech. devices only useful if screen size allows cross viewing of notes, so cross considerations of ideas happens, sadly the I-phone requires too much scrolling to allow true introspection of a bigger pattern of thoughts over time. A page of scribbles is true to a past moment. Cheer up your Moleskine, it will return to collect randomness into clarity.

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