Introducing The Order of St. Margaret Sanger.

MargaretSanger-Underwood.LOCI just got a text message from my wonderful collaborator, Jaki Bradley, that we handed in our registration, so I can go ahead and announce: What Every Girl Should Know is going to the New York International Fringe FestivalWe got news of acceptance a few weeks ago and have been rushing to put together our materials and make plans. We don’t know dates yet, or even our actors or crew—just that we’re doing it, and that we’re committed to doing it really fucking well. We also had to come up with a name for our production company on the fly, and so, on Monday at Kinko’s in the rented computer booth, The Order of St. Margaret Sanger was born.

Jaki is amazing. She’s not only been my partner in applying, but she’s also going to direct, which makes me happy beyond words. I got to know her as part of the Delta Boys avant garde cohort from a few years back—she was going to play Desdemona, and I Bianca, in an adaptation of Othello that got delayed indefinitely—but we became friends and stayed in touch as both of our lives accelerated. She went to Malaysia on a theatre Fulbright; she interned for TCG and currently does graphic design for Signature Theater; she was awarded a place at this summer’s Lincoln Center Director’s Lab. In other words, she’s on fire. And deservedly so.

So, I hereby introduce The Order of St. Margaret Sanger, composed of Jaki Bradley, me, everyone who made the original production, everyone who loved the original production, and everyone who will take part in future productions for all time to come.

5 Comments on “Introducing The Order of St. Margaret Sanger.”

  1. Kat says:

    This is glorious news! So happy for you, and this fabulous play.

  2. Steve Stanbrook says:

    Hi, I have a copy of “My Fight for Birth Control ” first edition1931…..Signed by Margaret Sanger with an inscription to the “Bradleys” , thanking them for their “assistance”. In researching this book , I find Jaki Bradley ! Any connection to the “Bradleys of 1937?”
    thanks ….

    • Hi Steve! Probably not.

      • Steve Stanbrook says:

        Thank you, I found a photograph and correspondence in a file at Schlesinger Library , Cambridge ,MA (Harvard/Radcliffe) between Sarah Merry Bradley and Margaret Sanger.
        Sarah Merry Bradley was another birth control activist of the day. I plan on viewing them soon. If you are interested, I’ll let you know what I find.

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