Call for expertise!


I’m in the penultimate phases of novel editing now, and at this stage, I need to outsource some expertise in a few areas. If you or anyone you know would be a good fit for the subject areas below, please get in touch at and we can talk scope of work and payment. Thanks so much!

(1) A native Hindi speaker. I’m especially interested in Hinglish, colorful expressions, slang and curses, with an eye towards how the language might evolve in the next fifty years.

(2) A native Malayalam speaker (a language spoken mostly in Kerala, in southern India). Same as above: I’m especially interested in Malayalam slang, curses, and colorful expressions.

(3) An obstetrician or midwife who has performed or is very familiar with C-sections, especially in cases of obstetric trauma.

2 Comments on “Call for expertise!”

  1. Rashmi Rustagi says:

    Hi Monica,
    I am a native Hindi speaker and an actor. i am quite good at translating quickly. You can also find me on IMDB.
    Rashmi Rustagi

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