Red heaven, blue heaven.


I’ve made the pleasant discovery that all my art looks better when held up to the light.

Above is the Arabic letter “faa,” which begins “falasha,” or butterfly. And below is a gift I made for Pacz Tours, an awesome adventure company in San Ignacio. (Depicted: the entrance to the cave. The water is really that color.)


And now that I think about it, I realize that all my visual art is pretty much about trying to recreate the stained glass windows at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Lebanon, PA, the church I went to as a schoolgirl. I can’t find any pictures. But the impossibly deep red reds and blue blues of heaven, as depicted in those windows, are seared into my memory.

2 Comments on “Red heaven, blue heaven.”

  1. Pamela Tandy says:

    I am so astounded by this. I didn’t know that you worked in the visual arts as well. I would really like to know how you decide when to reach into any one medium and spend time there? Except to give a gift? Are you interested in creating a body of visual work to show? If so, how do you decide to take time off from writing? If not, then why not? And how often do these choices clash?

    • Hey Pamela! I was a very active draw-er when I was a child and teenager, and then I recommitted to it when I invested in a set of Copic markers last year. I decided to make an illuminated alphabet for my niece and nephew, which explains all the letters.

      Yes, I’m definitely interested in creating a body of visual art! I’m planning to sell custom-made illuminated letters, in fact. As for deciding when to do what…hmm, it’s just a feeling. They never clash, they’re just different parts of the brain, different needs. Drawing and coloring is much more meditative to me than writing is. I get to zone out. Right now I work on a letter while watching a movie, which is really nice…!

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