Summer for winter.

Photo credit: Gonzalo Pleitez, River Rat Expeditions.

In three days I’ll be on my way back to San Ignacio. Back into the dream world, which will crystallize into a collection of discrete realities. And then Durham will become the dream world.

My goals are manifold:

(1) Finish The Girl in the Road and send it back to the agents who made offers.

(2) Write the first 1-2 drafts of Tarantino’s Yellow Speedo

(3) Research a new novel set in San Ignacio and the surrounding caves. Working title: The Underground Shore. 

(4) Test what it feels like to live abroad. Not travel, not visit, but just sit down and live.

(5) Test whether my paid work (freelance writing and editing) is the moveable feast I need it to be.

(6) Test what it feels like to spend the holidays away from my family…something I’ve never done, and have always been afraid of doing.

…and if I finally get to be conversant in Spanish, read the Gormenghast trilogy, and work on an archaeology dig…wow. I couldn’t ask for more in this world. Really.  : )

2 Comments on “Summer for winter.”

  1. Denise says:

    Godspeed Monica!

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