P is for Pumpkin.

Here’s the first in my Wanderling’s Illuminated Alphabet series. For background, see here.

I drew it during a pumpkin-carving brunch hosted by my housemates, the amazing artist-cum-chefs Jessica Kemp and Jeremy Berggren. I feel so lucky to live with them. Even though I don’t take a lead in planning events, as I’m very hermit-ish by nature, I love sharing a house that celebrates warmth and community. On that cold morning there was bacon, homemade quiche, sausage pie, handmade doughnuts, hot coffee, hot cider, French toast, pumpkin pancakes, old friends, new friends, and one adorable baby. And after we’d all eaten, the guests carved pumpkins, and I sat in the corner, and sketched, and colored, and was very very happy.

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