Bienvenido a Miami.

Packing done. Plane leaves tonight. My agenda for Miami:

(1) Reading. I have seventeen books queued, starting with Michio Kaku’s The Physics of the Future.

(2) Writing. I pretty much have to rewrite THE PENTAEON from scratch. I’m cool with this.

(3) Hang out with my awesome cousin David. I’ve never gotten to see him enough. In life.

(4) Meet with two artistic directors of theaters.

(5) Drink all coffee Cuban.

(6) People-watch. O yes.

3 Comments on “Bienvenido a Miami.”

  1. Christine says:

    Have a great time! Which theater directors are you meeting in Miami? You might want to check out the Micro Theater festival going on downtown. Don’t know if you’ll be there when they have shows going on. Five bucks per show, shows are around 15 minutes long and there are tapas! Could be worth checking out. Wish I could. Buen viaje!

  2. Rick Jay says:

    Cuban coffee is the best. It was my reason to be, for a few years.
    And Collins Ave is the ideal people watching location, second only to Ocean Dr., bordering the beach in SOBE.
    Tell if the fireworks as seen from the Boardwalk, are as mind numbing as in the past.
    Mucho Gusto !!

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