Razor days.

(Photo by Jeremy M. Lange.)

The Thursday, Friday, and Saturday shows of What Every Girl Should Know sold out, so we added another show for tonight. It’s selling out as we speak.

The three weeks when the show is actually running is a kind of Extraordinary Time. All emotions are heightened. All relationships are fluorescent. I’m in love with my actors, I’m in love with the play, I’m in love with a wonderful fellow writer-and-world-traveler whose name might start with P. Turtles explode on the highway and my car breaks down on my way to therapy. Stakes are high. Edges are sharp. I cry easily. Last Saturday, my father came to see the play, but because the space is not accessible and he’s still recovering from back surgery, we couldn’t get him in. I had to leave my post at the box office to cry my guts out.

Everything matters so much.

2 Comments on “Razor days.”

  1. Rick Jay says:

    Hello Word Poet, I am so very happy to hear that your play was a smashing success.
    I to had an extremely rewarding experience with the play in which I appeared. Though we only had two sell-out nights, the play exceeded everyone’s expectations.

    My sincerest wishes for a speedy recovery for your Dad.

    The very best to you and yours,

  2. Lorma says:

    Everything matters so much. True, truer words. ❤

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