Artist expenses.

In the year 2011, I spent $6,983.83 on artist expenses. That includes printing at Kinko’s, home printer ink, printer paper, application fees, residency fees, application postage, mailing supplies, stationery, performance tickets, museum tickets, movie tickets, books, ebooks, a Kindle and cover, a Flip camera, website design fees, website hosting fees, Dramatists Guild conference registration and hotel, travel expenses, and cookies for the New York Neofuturists. (I didn’t include rent, food or health insurance, though given that I’m a writer, it would be valid to do so. That would add about $14,200 to the tally.)

I made $930.00 from art, including stories, performances, nonfiction and plays. If you add the value of a residency at La Muse Inn, revenue comes to $2,890.00.

The difference between income and expenses is made up by a day job I quit in April, my editing work, and generous donations made through my Fractured Atlas account.

I’m posting all this just because I think financial transparency is a good thing, both on an individual and an organization basis. I also want beginning artists to have this information so that they can know, going forward, what kind of costs they might be looking at.

If you care to share–what do you consider artist expenses? How much are they?

7 Comments on “Artist expenses.”

  1. Do it! I’m exceptionally proud of your artist #Hustle, Monica!

  2. Aw, thanks, Zach! It’s great to hear from you. I hope Boston is treating you well–go to Darwin’s Ltd. sometime, off of Harvard Square; that was my favorite place for coffee-and-thesis.

  3. I haven’t done the math on my artist expenses yet, but I can tell you that it includes every black article of clothing I buy, internet service, cell phone service, office supplies (binders, ink, everything to stock my SM kit), re-certifying for first aid, getting my commercial drivers license, a new external hard drive, as well as performance tickets.

    All in all, it looks like expenses of about $2800 (which seems really low? Maybe I’m missing some receipts?

    Artist income looks like approximately 7800. I balanced that with a full time job for six months as an administrator for the local fringe Festival.

  4. Nice itemization. I think what jacked up my total were travel expenses and website design fees. And also the ~100 books I bought (which I think you should claim, too!).

  5. Liz says:

    I’ve been meaning to ask if you have tried/are interested in American Journal Experts I worked for them last summer and probably will again this summer. I’m sure you can make much more money per job on your own, but if you need more work it’s a pretty good option.

  6. Hey Liz! I actually have an application in to them, but haven’t heard back yet. But thank you for the nudge.

  7. […] I noted in this entry, I don’t find circumspection to be useful when it comes to artist finances. I want other […]

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