Drawing from life.

My play What Every Girl Should Know is cast at last! This is the first time I’m heading into revisions with the play already cast, so it’ll be like drawing from life instead of from my head. It’s a different mode of working. I’m in service to specific artists I love and admire, rather than the abstract Muse.

From left to right, we have Carolyn McDaniel (Josephine), a director-and-actor recently graduated from Duke University; Marie Garlock (Louise), a performer-and-writer who’s currently studying at UNC-Chapel Hill; Alice Turner (Grace), an actor-and-playwright recently graduated from Elon University; and Skylar Gudasz (Jane), an actor-and-singer-songwriter who fronts an amazing band called Skylar Gudasz and the Ugly Girls. (Go listen to them. They’re really, really good.)

Feeling lucky, to say the least. “I get to work with these women!? I get to write words and then hear them read them!? Oh my God.”

Ready, set, write.

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