A request.

I’m a playwright. I’m a woman. That means I’m eligible to be nominated for the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, an award instituted to honor a theater-maker (and women’s college graduate!) who believed the world urgently needed women’s voices. But, though I’ve had two productions in the last year and a third opening in the spring, those productions are not affiliated with the any of the list of Source Theaters that can nominate playwrights. (The Durham theater scene is still mostly under the radar.) So I am submitting a request to the blog-and-tweetosphere: If your theater is one of the Source Theaters, please consider putting forth my name. You can find descriptions of my plays here, you can contact me here, and I’d be happy to send any scripts to you.

(If this request is horribly gauche or inappropriate, please instruct me. I can only learn by making mistakes. Thank you!)

2 Comments on “A request.”

  1. Katie Reing says:

    Monica: I am good friends with the dramaturg at Philadelphia Theatre Company and I am passing this on.

  2. Many thanks, Katie 🙂 Been a while since Doctor Doctor, eh?

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