Full circle.

At the conference on Saturday, Stephen Schwartz gave a wonderful talk called Crafting Musical Theatre. At the end, an audience member asked if we could have a sing-a-long. I watched the cards fall one after another, as if inevitable: somebody called out that we should sing a song from Godspell. Stephen said, “Well then, it should be ‘Day by Day,’ because everyone knows that.” Then he asked if there was a female voice who could lead. I shot up my hand before even thinking about it. When I got to the piano, he asked if I knew the words; and I replied that not only did I know the words, but Robin in Godspell was the very first role I ever played onstage at the age of fourteen.

What I didn’t tell him was that it was the most formative event of my adolescent life. That it helped me first understand unconditional love. That I had my first kiss with the boy playing John the Baptist, wrapped up in a stage curtain before the Saturday night performance. That, when I returned to the creative life ten years later, I realized that the light Godspell lit had been quietly burning all that time, waiting for me to come back.

When the song was done, I just shook his hand and said, “Thank you. My life has come full circle.”

4 Comments on “Full circle.”

  1. Jeanne Manzer says:

    What marvelous experiences you have. Do you keep a journal? Jeanne

  2. I do, Cousin Jeanne! I write a couple of pages every morning. 🙂

  3. Tim says:

    So glad I got to be there for it! And to meet you in person….

  4. Thank you, Tim! It was lovely to meet you, too. Gabbing after breakfast with you was the best reason to miss a session 🙂

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