Heading elsewhere.

In a few minutes, I’m packing up my car and heading to the Elsewhere Collaborative in Greensboro. It’s a museum, but a very unusual one in that it used to be a thift shop. All three floors are packed solid with Stuff. The staff at Elsewhere invites artists from all over the world to make art out of the Stuff. (I’m their first playwright; my assignment is to write, rehearse and perform a site-specific play in 24 days.) I visited there two weeks ago to plant seeds in my unconscious, and the place was just incredible. We resident artists have our own rooms and beds, but really, you can sleep anywhere in the museum–in the lofts, nooks, bunk beds, playpens, and anywhere else there’s a pillow. I’m looking forward to a month of very strange dreams, both sleeping and waking.

3 Comments on “Heading elsewhere.”

  1. Jeanne Manzer says:

    Survive! Jeanne

  2. Kat says:

    This sounds like an amazing experience. I can’t wait to hear about it, and about what you create.

  3. Kat, this place is insane. You have to see it someday. It’s a Kelly Link story brought to life.

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